This is somewhat a follow up to my earlier write up on Midomi.  Both Shazam and Midomi are free iPhone apps that exist to do one thing: help you identify a song that you’re listening to.  That’s where the similarities end.  You can read about Midomi on my other post but the gist of it is it doesn’t work.  Shazam on the other hand is AMAZING.  Yes.  It deserves the full CAPS LOCK key.  

Here’s why: I’m listening to a remixed version of “American Boy” on the radio in the car yesterday.  I started Shazam and just held it in the middle of the car, curious to see what it would say.  I really did not expect it to name that tune, especially not a remix of a song.  I mean, how many songs can it possibly index?  And for those of you who have never seen the word ‘index’ used as a verb, consider yourself lucky.

But sure enough, it came back and not only gave me the song name and artist but also the name of the remix!  Wow! 

Here is the song on iTunes if you want to check it out.