Greetings from Malaga, a city in the Andalucian region in southern Spain.  We had a enjoyable last night in Santiago yesterday as I, Anton, Leandra and Julianna (two sisters from Brazil) ordered in Pizza Hut pizza, drank wine and just hung out in the hotel.  Anton flew back to Barcelona where he was going to work this afternoon (ugh) and Leandra and Julianna were going to rent a car and drive to Finisterre then down to Portugal.  I flew out around midday and arrived into Malaga around 7 pm and decided to spend a night here and check out the town.  It´s an interesting blend of really old with modern shopping plazas and shady graffiti covered streets.  I went looking for a hookah bar but it was closed by the time I got there around 11 p.m.  I plan to check out the Picasso musuem tomorrow (he was born here) and then walk up to the fortress before leaving town.   Then I hope to take a bus to Algericas from where I will then take a boat ride about 30 minutes to Tangiers.  I spoke to some Moroccans here as I was enjoying some kebab and they were telling me how much I was going to enjoy it.  They were also kind of drunk so we´ll see if they were telling the truth 🙂

I am still carrying my walking stick with me as I wasn´t able to send it home.  So now I get all sorts of interesting looks from people as I walk through town.  I feel like Moses coming to part the Red Sea.  It was quite humorous coming off the conveyor belt in the airport as everyone is picking up suitcases and I collect this dry piece of wood.  This man came up to me laughing and we chatted about the stick and the Camino which he wants to do one day.

So hasta la huega for now and the next time I write it will be from Morocco, inshallah.