Actually the first two nights.  I’m flying out in two days and wanted to get my first couple of nights set so I can have a place to head to from the airport.  The hostel rooms look like they have some character

I land on Christmas morning and am planning on everything being closed, so I’ll probably end up exploring the city by foot and getting my bearings.  Then on the 26th I’ll figure out bus routes and the next stop.  I shouldn’t be surprised by it but today I read that this is very high tourist season and a couple of places I wanted to visit, Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park in the north get overrun and with some slightly horrific stories.  Namely, overrun toilets!  And price gouging and crowded beaches.

So now I’m looking to get to the much more remote and difficult to get to region west of Bogota on the Pacific Ocean.  The biggest town is Choco and the area offers jungles, beaches, turtles, whales and chilling with fishermen.  Sounds remote with a good chance of having an adventure.  Just my cup of tea.  Or coffee, since this is Colombia after all.