I recently switched from a full time employee with benefits, stock options, 401k, dental, vision and all that stuff we need to working as a contractor with none of those benefits.  I decided to make the change for a couple of reasons.

First, I found that I can’t work at a high level of productivity for 8-10 hours straight.  I typically have a good 2-3 hours in me before I need a break.  Second, spending the day time part of every one of my weekdays in an office just started feeling too restrictive.  On days when the sun is out and all I want to do is be outside at a park or at the beach, instead I’m in the office and closing the blinds to keep the sun out.  Not fun.

Third, this gives me a chance to start something myself.  I’m not starting a startup with a hot new product but I am working for myself, and this means I will need to promote myself, network a lot more and learn how to run an LLC.  All new stuff, all good stuff to learn.

Fourth, I want to spend more time with my family in Michigan.  With 2-3 weeks annual vacation, I find I get very stingy with my days off and that seems very backwards.  It’s my time, and I should be able to choose where and how I spend it.  And of course the freedom to travel abroad for a few weeks without having to ask permission. 

And finally, I want to try something new. I’ve been working as a full time corporate employee for the past fourteen years and have yet to start something on my own.  I’m already excited about the opportunity to start something new now and excited about the possibilities that may arise out of this.  

So with that, time to go meet a friend for coffee and then head to Kezar Stadium to run intervals for a few miles before coming back home and doing a bit more work.