When it comes to how we listen to music, I’ve found some people focus on lyrics while some focus on the drums and while others focus on the guitars.  Or a combination of those.  I am definitely a lyrics kind of guy, especially when it comes to hip hop and rap.  That’s why I spent all of 2002 listening to just Eminem.  That’s also why I like Jay-Z, but it doesn’t explain why I really like Kanye.  His lyrics are average but his beats way more than make up for them.

And it’s maybe a bit the same with Doom.  I can’t recall anything he raps about in this album but I did find myself bobbing my head while listening to him and that’s a good sign.  It’s good hip hop and I like his articulate, laid back vocal style.

I found this album while making my way through Pitchfork’s top albums of 2009.  This was somewhere in the 40’s.

You can sample the album here or you can check it out in full on Grooveshark.

Doom - Born LIke This