Country roads,

Take me home,

To the place,

I belong,

West Bloomfield, Michigan,

Good ol’ suburbia,

Take me home,

Country roads

Before I began my trip I told myself I would not plan things too far in advance and so would allow myself to be open to different options when they appeared.  That makes me a hard person to travel with for many people but when you’ve got an open schedule the last thing you want are commitments to weigh you down.  In March I booked my ticket from Jakarta to Bangkok the morning of.   In October I booked my ticket to Jordan two hours before the flight, and consequently got extra curiosity at airport security.  And the same thing is what brought me home.  As I went to bed one night in Aleppo, a beautiful and old city in northern Syria, I just felt like I would rather be at home.  I wanted some home cooked food and to hang out with my family and friends.

I decided to sleep on it and see how it felt in the morning.

After breakfast and walking around the old city, I found myself at an internet café for over an hour, catching up with the world and fantasy football and reading a humorous email exchange about my good friend Mahk’s upcoming wedding.  His name is actually Mark but being from Boston he pronounces it Mahk.  And that’s pretty much what confirmed my decision.  I couldn’t think of a better way to come back home, seeing college friends at a wedding.  I fired up Skype, called United Airlines and half an hour later I had a confirmation number in hand.

As with any big decision I’ve ever made, I kept asking myself if I didn’t royally screw up.  I still had plans to go to Turkey and Armenia and Lebanon.  I had planned to stay a full calendar year abroad.  But I felt the adventurous spark which I had had the whole trip just wasn’t there any longer, where every little thing would jump out and draw my attention.  Now pulling the camera out of the bag was a bit of a chore.  So all those other places are just going to have to wait.  Sorry guys.

And just to hedge my bets, I booked my ticket with an open return to Frankfurt so I do have a foot in the door to head back.  Just in case…

Even the bags are ready for a break

Even the bags are ready for a break

Take me home BMI

Take me home BMI!