Time for some pop culture trivia.  I splurged and got a room with a tv here in Pokhara, Nepal just so we could watch the election results Thursday morning, and it was sooo worth it to watch CNN declare Obama the winner and see McCain’s and Obama’s speeches live.  Well worth it.  And throughout the day and even today people all over town were congratulating us and telling us how happy they were that we made the right choice.  It is kind of strange to have people knowing so much about our elections when I can’t say I really know much about the elections of any other country. 

Anyway, I’m getting off topic here.  So on this phat 10″ tv with a cable that you have to jiggle to get a clear picture with no static, we watched The Perfect Storm last night.  I had forgotten how it ends and assumed that most of the men on the boat survived.  Jeff reminded me that they all actually died, which seemed a bit odd to me that two big name lead actors, George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, would both die in the same movie.  But it’s based on a true story so you can’t really change that. 

Then we started wondering which actors/actresses have died the most times in movies.  You’d think it would be a token bad guy actor, role player, and maybe it is but we couldn’t think of any.   So in our  hour long musing on this while the men on the boat were being thrashed all around and thrown into an inevitable ending (they should have read the book), we managed to come up with these actors of which my favorite actor Mr. Pacino leads the way (way to go Al!). 

If you know of any other actors with multiple deaths, let’s say at least 4, let me know and I’ll add it here.

Al Pacino (6 times)

  • Heat
  • Godfather III
  • Carlito’s Way
  • Scarface
  • Angels in America
  • Insomnia

Leonardo DiCaprio (4 times)

  • Titanic
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Departed
  • Blood Diamond

Hilary Swank (only 2 times but I wanted to get an actress entry)

  • Million Dollar Baby
  • Boys Don’t Cry