I don’t make any money from this but someone asked to use one of my travel photos for this article that they’re writing.  Of course I said yes because I love fame and glory.  The article is about how traveling is changing now with GPS phones and built-in cameras.  The picture they used is one where I took a picture of a map of Spain from a Lonely Planet book at the Madrid airport because I didn’t feel like buying the whole book.  Good thing I tagged the picture with the words ‘Lonely Planet’!    Here is the article.

That’s what I love about the internet is that random stuff like this happens.  There have been a couple of other times where someone has requested to use a photo, including one where I stood to make money from it as they wanted to use it in some advertising for NCAA basketball.  Unfortunately the copyrights imposed by the NCAA are so strict that we couldn’t work anything out.  Did you know that the NCAA prohibits any advertising that shows a collegiate athlete who is still in school?  If you watch on tv you’ll notice now that ads always show athletes who are now out of college.  And the picture they wanted to use was filled with underclassmen boxing out waiting for another underclassman to shoot a free throw.  That one was not gonna happen.

One picture that did get used was a picture I took of the Prague railway station.  I can’t seem to find the article where it got posted in but the picture is here.