As it happens every couple of years, I become a bandwagon football fan of some country, generally a European country. At the moment it is Spain as I was just there and also because they’re playing great football right now and are in the Eurocup finals.

Generally my fanship includes learning about several of the players, what club teams they play for, some interesting fact or two about the team (did you know Spain hasn’t been in a major finals in over 20 years and are regarded as one of the biggest underachievers?), and most importantly displaying my support for the team.

I prefer to go all out with displaying my support and so I’ve hung the Spanish flag from my apartment. Now all those walking down Polk Street will see the flag and think to themselves ‘Wow that Spanish guy living there must be so excited about his team.’

Alas I must go now and find where I’ve stashed my red Spain football jersey.
my apartment