I spent the better part of today booking several airplane tickets.  Here are the flights that I’m going to be getting on:

April 15th – SFO to Madrid

May 17th – Santiago (Spain) to Barcelona

June 6th – Madrid to SFO

That’s a lot of flying.  It almost seems like too much time to be away but if it is, then at least I know I won’t want to keep traveling some more when I get back 🙂  I’m getting the itch to start working again, more than anything to just be around people.  I’m learning that being by myself the entire day is not the most exciting thing and I don’t think I could have a job where I worked from home full time.  So while I’m unemployed I’m meeting people for lunch every day to give me some of that human interaction.

And today, I had lunch with my friend Emily at the Grove in Pac Heights.  She started an after school tutoring / educational program for children living in public housing back in February.  She’s got some crazy stories but she still loves what she’s doing and that’s great.  I’m trying to get her to help me find some volunteering opps here in the city as she is tied in to that whole network.  But, not till after I get back.

Ok, off to go look at bus schedules to take me from the Madrid airport to Pamplona to Roncesvalles to St Jean Port de Pied…yeah try seeing how well Expedia helps you out with that one.