That’s what I call a recipe for a good night.  Two bottles of Spanish red wine, two Romeo y Julieta cigars and a couple rousing games of Stratego, both of which I won.  That’s what Ed and I did last night.  Oh yeah, and then we polished off the half bottle of Johnnie Walker that we didn’t finish two nights earlier.  So far traveling has not been great for my health, but isn’t that why you travel?  You can be healthy and all that stuff when you’re at home.

My travel plans are starting to crystalize a bit.  I bought a book, Vagabonding, which I may have mentioned in an earlier post and if I did then you know that I really did buy it.  I’m thinking South America for a few months, starting in Peru and going from there.  I’m trying to convince my friend Khash to travel there in between jobs and we can buy a cheap motorcycle and relive the Motorcycle Diaries.  He can play Fuser.  I’ll be Che Guevera because he’s cooler.

I did the touristy stuff yesterday, went to see the White House and the Washington Monument and the War Memorial that was just completed in 2004.  I’ve got to say I’ve been to a lot of nations’ capitals and we have one of the best ones.  It’s approachable, clean, well laid out and not over the top opulent like an old school palace with a moat and gold trimmings on every window.

Tonight we’re going out to Cafe Japonais that supposedly has sushi and karaoke at the SAME TIME.  So you take a break from eating to go knock out ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ then come back and finish your spider roll.  I may love this place forever.

Lastly, I finally got to go to Cake Love here in D.C.  If you’ve ever read What Should I Do With My Life, by Po Bronson, one of the stories in there is about this guy Warren Brown who quit his job as a lawyer and opened up a cake shop.  It has since blown up and we went there today to buy some cakes for this birthday dinner we’re going to.  Unfortunately Warren wasn’t there today but I’m still pretty psyched I got to visit his shop.

I’m also psyched I won both games of Stratego last night.

Cake Love