I’m sitting here in Tryst coffee shop next to the one and only Ed St Lawrence.  He’s working while I’m trying to figure out how to use these around the world planning tools online but I’m having the hardest time ever.  Grrrr.  I think the best way is to call these people up and get the prices through them.  I did find out that they may not be as cheap as I initially thought.  OneWorld RTW tickets start at $3900.  Dang.

Last night we went to the Wizards and Spurs basketball game pretty much right when I arrived and afterwards played some shuffleboard at Buffalo Billiards.  Unfortunately I lost both games even though I was one point away from winning both times.  I’m not as clutch as I imagined myself being.  We headed back around 1 and should have called it a night but for some reason we decided that opening a bottle of Johnnie Walker was a smart move.  We polished off over half the bottle and I remember thinking how sweet it would be to drink the whole thing.   When I woke up this morning with a pounding headache I realized that would have been the dumbest idea EVER.  Plus, now we have some left over for tonight.

We fell victim to what my friend Winston calls the ‘Too Hardcore on the First Night Syndrome’ which generally happens on the first day of a vacation where you go out too hard on the first night, usually impacting the next night or the entire vacation.  There should be a wikipedia article on this as I believe a lot of people are afflicted with it but may not know they have it.

The Shuffleboard Master